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Tirzepatide Weight Loss Program

Our Tirzepatide Weight Loss Program is the latest in modern medicine, offering a simple solution for effective weight loss. Get started in just minutes!

Why our program is different

Sure, it’s possible to muster insane amounts of willpower, time, and determination to lose weight, but let’s face it, it's just easier for some to do so. Well, modern medicine has now equalized the playing field!

We can now target the innate hunger hormones responsible for cravings, sense of fullness, and speed with which our body digests. All of these work in combination to set each individual’s baseline for hunger and calorie intake.

Science has caught up to what anyone who has struggled with weight loss already knows: It's not all laziness or lack of willpower that controls our weight, it's also hormones and biological processes.

Emerge Weight Loss utilizes this modern medicine to help to target and balance these mechanisms so that you reach your weight loss goals without struggling.

How it works


Dr. Sherryl Ashberg and our Nurse Practitioners will evaluate your unique needs and medical history to ensure you’re a great fit for Emerge’s weight loss program. Then, they’ll prescribe our compounded Tirzepatide.


Your prescription will be fulfilled by our 503a FDA approved compounding pharmacy partner to conveniently and discreetly deliver the medication directly to your home.

The medications we prescribe include the same peptide that is in retail brands, but compounded with other health supporting peptides or vitamins. These compounded medications are significantly less expensive than the retail brands while providing the same peptide that is responsible for the weight loss.


It’s that easy. Sign up today, and we can’t wait to guide you along this journey.


 Evaluate your needs 

 Same-day Onboarding 

 Prescribe to our 503a Pharmacy 

 Provide ongoing support & symptom management

 Keep your titration schedule so you always have medication 

Provide Maintenance Program


Weight loss program assessment

Tirzepatide delivered to your door

100% online - No office visit needed

Symptom Management

Compassionate and timely care

Get started

Our streamlined intake form is designed to get started in just minutes. We'll review your information the same day. Once approved, we'll process your order and send your medication overnight. Don't wait - get started on your weight loss journey today!

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