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Our Support

Due to growth, we're experiencing an increased volume of support requests. We are doing our best to answer every email and text. We continue to work on efficiencies and add team members with medical and/or with GLP-1 experience. 

Please allow up to 24 hours to respond. Our typical response time currently is 3 - 4 hours, though in many cases we will respond sooner. Our goal is to get back to nearly instant response times.

A few things to keep in mind:

1.  We answer requests Oldest First. If you write in and follow that request up before we've had the chance to respond to your initial request, your account will go to the back of the queue. We know it can be frustrating to wait when you're needing medication or going on vacation. We understand and will help you. The best method is to write in and have the confidence we will get to your request.


2. We are typically open for your support requests 7 days a week, often even on holidays. Our typical clinic hours are Monday - Friday 8 am - 6 pm (EST), then shortened hours on the weekends. Often times we will stay open later to answer your questions.

For answers, check out our FAQ

Link: Our FAQ

  • Shipping and Tracking

  • Intake Process

  • Reordering and Titration

  • Referral Program

  • Reading Your Script

  • Canceling and Pausing

  • Know Your Vial

  • Injection Instructions

Contact us using your preferred method––the one you chose when you filled out the intake.​(305) 930-7387​

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